ActionCOACH Franchise Investment

Providing a clear and comprehensive guide on how much you'll need to invest to successfully run an ActionCOACH UK franchise

    The initial cost of buying an ActionCOACH franchise

    When making any business decision, we understand it's important for you to consider all the costs involved as well as the potential return. We’re going to walk you through the costs of becoming an ActionCOACH franchise partner including factors that can fluctuate the cost involved and also how quickly you will see a return. 


    Let's get straight into it, no matter which franchise you look at there will be a ‘buying in’ cost. This varies between different franchises, but you can expect to pay anywhere between £10K-£100K for the opportunity. While this may seem like a hefty price tag, there are varying returns that you will get, and this should help you determine the price point you are willing to pay.


    The initial investment for an ActionCOACH business coaching franchise in the UK is £69k. This secures you a ‘territory’ made up of 10,000 businesses you can work with. As you will only work with the businesses in your territory, there is no internal competition for work, and this helps to foster an incredibly supportive community.



    Ongoing costs of owning an ActionCOACH Franchise

    In addition to the £69,000 initial investment, we also recommend you come into the business with around £30,000 working capital. As with any franchise business, there is an ongoing royalty, the royalty doesn't start until month seven and the royalty pays for your ongoing support, training and use of the IP and systems.


    The ActionCOACH royalty is £1,950 + VAT or 10% of bankings, whichever is the greater. To put your return into perspective one weekly coaching client will typically pay you £2,000 a month. The only other ongoing investment is an investment of 5% of your revenues, capped at £500 per month, which goes into a marketing fund. 

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    3 Key Investment Considerations

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    Office space & equipment

    For optimal work-life balance and the opportunity to hold face-to-face meetings and foster team collaboration, we highly advise considering the rental of an office space.

    Marketing to win business

    ActionCOACH recommends a budget of up to £2K per client. Franchise partners also get access to marketing materials and support from the central team to help lower costs.

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    Investing in your Team

    You should always hire someone better than you. When you start building your team, ensuring you have the right salary bracket for the skills and experience you are looking for is key.

    What you'll get in return

    There are certain rewards you’ll get when signing up to the ActionCOACH franchise, these include...
    The security of not having to go it alone and setting up your own coaching system. 
    Ongoing world-class training and support from a dedicated franchise support team.
    Guaranteed earnings of at least £10,000 a month within your first 6 months.
    Access to a global community of coaches and strategic partners helping you to succeed. 
    A well-established, proven recession and pandemic-proof business model.
    The opportunity to build a business with a substantial asset value, creating a lasting legacy for you and your family and community.
    the process

    Business coaching success in 3 easy steps:

    Start your business coaching journey and join the ActionCOACH franchise community. Gain access to proven tools and systems that will transform your local business community and create a profitable coaching business for you. 


    Have a discovery call with an advisor

    Discuss the opportunity of becoming an ActionCOACH franchise partner and whether this is the right opportunity for you.


    Develop a plan for you and your business

    Understand how to build a business, go through ActionCOACH University and get a plan in place to launch a profitable coaching business.


    Enjoy having balance in your life

    With a dedicated support team, you and your team will build a community of like-minded business owners. Enabling you to enjoy the finer things in life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much royalty will I need to pay?

    The ActionCOACH royalty is £1,950 + VAT or 10% of bankings, whichever is the greater.

    What is the ActionCOACH Marketing Fund?

    A portion of your revenues, amounting to 5% and capped at £500 per month, is allocated to a dynamic marketing fund. This fund is designed to provide ongoing support from a team of dedicated professionals. Within this team, you will have access to a skilled marketing director, a proficient video editor, a creative motion graphic designer, and a knowledgeable digital executive. Additionally, we invest in third-party companies that specialize in PR and marketing, ensuring comprehensive support for your business.

    Moreover, we have a talented videographer named James, who is ready to capture your success stories with clients. Whenever you have a noteworthy achievement, James will spend a day filming exceptional content that showcases your triumphs.

    How much working capital will I need?

    In addition to the initial £69K, we also recommend that you come into the business with around £30K working capital. 

    I can't afford this franchise, are there other options for me?

    Yes, there are multiple routes into franchising. These alternative routes we offer will still get you to a point in which you can own your own franchise, it may just take a little longer as you build your profits and are able to invest more.

    Talk a look at our article 3 ways to get into franchising to explore all options available to you. 

    Will I need to invest anything during the discovery phase?

    No, the discovery process is solely dedicated to fostering a genuine connection between us and getting acquainted with one another. It is a time for us to truly understand your needs and for you to gain a deeper understanding of our coaching system.

    During this stage, the only investment required from you is your valuable time. We believe that by investing this time, we can establish a solid foundation built on trust and open communication, setting the stage for a successful partnership.

    When will I see a return on my investment?

    Firstly, we guarantee that if you follow our UK sales process and get yourself in front of a set amount of qualified prospects a month for your first 6 months, you will bank more than £10,000 gross monthly income within your first 7 months of training with us. 

    You'll also see in your business plan a goal of achieving £1M income from your franchise business. 

    At this point, if you're interested in the franchise opportunity, we'd recommend you speak with one of our advisors and attend a discovery day where you'll get into the details. You'll see the tools and the systems, you'll get to hear more about the return on investment, the training, the support and also get to hear from existing franchise owners as well.

    Are there funding options to raise capital?

    Most major banks look favourably at franchise opportunities when it comes to providing funding for purchase and for working capital.  In some instances, they may lend up to 75% of what you need, including your working capital, but expect to receive around 70%.

    In a typical scenario, you would need a £30K contribution and the banks would lend you £70K to get started. This will also need to cover VAT payments, but ultimately this will be refunded in your first year of trading. 

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    Our guarantee

    Build Your Franchise with Confidence

    At ActionCOACH, we understand it's essential that you achieve real results for you and your business. That's why we guarantee, in writing, if we award you an ActionCOACH licence, if you invest sufficient time and money to get yourself in front of 6 - 10 qualified prospects a month for your first 6 months and complete every step of our proven UK sales process with each of those prospects, you will achieve a £10,000 - £14,000 gross monthly income within your first 7 months of training with us or we will refund you your franchise fee. Speak to one of our team for the full details.

    Own a successful business coaching franchise

    It's time to make a change

    ActionCOACH is the only franchise in the UK, to have achieved both 5-star franchisee satisfaction status for 12 consecutive years and be in the Elite Franchise UK Top 15 every year since the accolade began. It's never been a better time to invest in a business coaching franchise.

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